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Greensborough Chamber of Commerce

The Greensborough Chamber of Commerce (GCC) is managed by the Greensborough Town Centre Committee. They act on behalf of the Greensborough businesses to make key decisions relating to Greensborough Town Centre to support their business and local community. They help shape Greensborough Town Centre for today and for the future. They manage the Greensborough Town Centre special marketing rate with the Greensborough Town Centre Manager and Banyule City Council.

Members of our committee are held in high regard for their support in assisting with the development of the Greensborough Town Centre.  These important volunteer committee members are elected at the GCC annual general meeting and throughout the year.  Only business and property owners in the Greensborough business area who are part of the special marketing rate & levy area can become member.

If you are a business or property owner in Greensborough and like more information on being a member of this important committee contact the Town Centre Manager Noella Jacobs on 0403 502 348 or email [email protected].

Committee Members 2020-2021

Executive Committee

Bill Spiliopoulos
Tom Lane Pharmacy
9/13 Flintoff Street
Greensborough Vic 3088
Tel: 0411 851 888

Email: [email protected]

Phil Ciravolo
8-10 Flintoff Street
Greensborough VIC 3088
Tel: 0409 940468

Email: [email protected]

helloworld Greensborough
42 Main Street
Greensborough Vic 3088
Tel: (03) 9434-1377


Committee Members:

Yacoob Moustafa
Chemist Warehouse
Tel: 9435 7455
Email: [email protected]

St. John Heath
Tonkin Legal Group
8-10 Flintoff Street
Greensborough Vic. 3088
Tel: (03) 9435-9044

Email: [email protected]


Simone Dirckze
Greensborough Plaza
35-30 Main Street
Tel: (03) 9435-4000

Email: [email protected]

Greensborough Town Centre Manager:

Noella Jacobs
YMP Mainstreet
Tel: 0403 502 348
Email: [email protected]


Postal Address:

P.O. Box 2, Greensborough Vic. 3088