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Marketing and Business Development Program

The marketing and business development program is a longstanding initiative of the Greensborough Chamber of Commerce.  400 properties in Greensborough Town Centre pay a special marketing levy to assist with the marketing and growth of the Greensborough Town Centre.

The amount contributed varies in line with the Council valuation of each property, reflecting its size and location. It is paid by all properties to assist the marketing and enhancement of the centre as a whole. The funds are collected by the City of Banyule through the rates. Banyule City Council currently contributes to this fund to support Greensborough businesses and the community.

These funds are managed by the Greensborough Chamber of Commerce committee. This allows for the employment of a part-time Town Centre Manager to implement the centre’s business plan and marketing strategies.

The key objectives of this program are:

  • To implement the Greensborough Chamber of Commerce’s business plan and regularly monitor and report progress
  • To promote and market the Greensborough Town Centre
  • To initiate physical improvements to the Greensborough Town Centre with stakeholders
  • To assist Council in keeping the centre looking clean and tidy
  • To assist in making the area a safe and friendly place to visit and enjoy.
  • To foster effective relations between businesses, property owners and Banyule City Council

Special marketing rates and levies are in place in about 80 strip shopping centres in Victoria. These levies allow centres to compete with their major and neighbouring centres. These levies have been very successful in creating a better shopping, dining and community atmosphere for the customers and businesses. This has resulted in an increase in traffic flow and more business opportunities for individual businesses and property owners plus better community facilities.

Membership Form

The Greensborough Chamber of Commerce (GCC), invites you, as a Trader or Property Owner in Greensborough to confirm your membership with us by completing a Membership Application Form.

Completion of the Membership Application Form ensures compliance with the new Victorian Incorporated Association Laws which require an up to date register of membership to be kept and maintained at all times. The new Rules of the Chamber of Commerce has been formally approved at the 2013 Annual General Meeting and by Consumer Affairs Victoria.

Our former approach to membership was to include all traders and property owners that are in the special rate and charge scheme as members with voting rights.  This is no longer possible and members must sign to be able to vote. The Chamber is working in the interests of all businesses and property owners in Greensborough. If you as a business or property owner or as a delegate wish to become or remain an active member with voting rights you will need to complete a membership form.

As a registered member of the Greensborough Chamber of Commerce you are entitled to:

  • Approve business at the Annual General Meeting
  • Approve amendments to the Rules of the Chamber of Commerce
  • Be appointed to the Committee of the Greensborough Chamber of Commerce
  • Vote at meetings
  • Participate in formal decision making on the future direction of the Chamber

Therefore, signing this form is very important if you wish to participate  in the future of Greensborough and your business and/or property.

Please note if you are a business or property owner irrespective whether you sign or not you will still be able to participate in activities of the Greensborough Chamber of Commerce and be kept informed of matters, events that are relevant for our centre.