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Businesses of Banyule’ presents CCB Accountants, Greensborough

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Businesses of Banyule’ presents CCB Accountants, Greensborough

Phil Ciravolo, a partner at Cugley Ciravolo Bordin Accountants, is quick to dispel the myths surrounding accountants’ personalities and any perceived lack of humour, inviting people to check out the accountant jokes on their website.

He is, however, equally quick to reinforce that CCB’s success is built on professionalism, commitment and attention to individual client needs.

In 1980, after a career in the Australian Taxation Office, Phil’s taxation, accounting and business management skills led him to join CCB as a partner. The firm provides accounting and business services to clients across a diverse range of sectors including aged care, information technology, building and construction, professional services, retail and manufacturing.

“Some people say partnerships don’t work, but after 36 years with my business partner Ian Cugley, I am proud to say that we are a testament that they do work. The secret is complementing each other’s strengths, passions and strategic goals,” Phil said.

CCB aims to provide services where the difference is peace of mind. “We want our clients to have confidence that we have their best interests at heart. We have grown from a one person practice in 1978 to a skilled and committed team of partners, managers, accountants and a range of supporting professionals.”

Phil says they believe that the role of an accountancy practice extends well beyond simply ‘looking after the books’, with focus on a more holistic service, including advising on better business management, improving profitability, strategic planning and wealth management. “We go beyond the numbers.”

Phil puts the firm’s growth down largely to word of mouth, with clients consistently telling them that they are reliable, professional and able to understand requirements that go beyond basic accounting needs. “We pride ourselves on providing an exceptional standard of service – we are timely and efficient, and are committed to returning calls within 24 hours. This ‘peace of mind’ factor has helped us grow strong for so many years.”