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Station Café 134

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Greensborough has welcomed a new addition to our already diverse café scene; Station Café 134 located at 1/134 Main Street near the station.

Station Cafe is a family run business committed to shopping local and supporting local. They source their food from local suppliers, and the milk is from Gippsland Jersey -a family-run dairy farm and the coffee is straight from Arthurs Creek home roasters, Arthurs Creek Coffee Co. 

Continuing their commitment to the community, Station Café 134 choose a local charity or organisation to support and have a donation box for that group for a month.

Along with their commitment to their community, they have an equal responsibility to our environment. Environmentally friendly products including compostable plastic cups made from plant oil and the straws also made from plant-based materials sourced by the owners. Station Café 134 source their vegetables from their own garden they fertilise with spent coffee grounds.

Along with fantastic coffee, they have a varied menu including a smoothie bowl, burgers and the epic Breakfast Tower! If you are vegan, there is a selection of vegan items on the menu. Shop local, support local and swing by Station Café 134 for a coffee and a delicious feed, I am sure you will find your heart as full as your stomach will be.